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Self-Published Author: Linda Amato

Since  1988 Linda has been delving into the Spiritual aspect of Life. An avid reader, she devoured books on Religion, Metaphysical Belief, and Sacred Geometry. After studying to become a Reiki Master she then graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became Accredited by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. From there she continued her education and graduated with the Degree Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc. from The International University of Metaphysics.

As a true student of life seeking answers Linda Amato took a yearly subject beginning in 2005 and learned about the following teachings; Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, Kabbalah and The Teachings of Abraham with Jerry and Esther Hicks. Since 2011 she has been enrolled in The in the 21st

Century Energy Medicine Class studying to be an Energy Healer. IN DECEMBER OF 2016 LINDA GRADUATED AS A MASTER/GRAD. Currently, she is studying with David Wolfe and Lars Gustafsson @  and is a member of their Inner Circles! As well as, Julie Ann Mills of to learn Quantum Healing.

My rituals begin daily with the joy of meditations, prayer, affirmations, journaling and a continued study of spirituality through reading and classes.

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