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In the past years, I have discovered a life that is filled with blessings and a deep connection to the wisdom of my soul. I began a journey that forked in the road and chose the path that brought me to my future. After years of just being a wife and mother, I  have discovered IAM a teacher! IAM the woman IAM today because of the people in my life that I have learned from this life experience. IAM thankful for them. IAM grateful for them. IAM blessed to have shared this life-experience with them. IAM is the essence and wisdom that God rests within. It connects me to my belief when I begin any sentence with the power of IAM as an affirmation.

All that I believe in has been given to me from many lifetimes. IAM aware today of the past because I have discovered all that I can be. I began this journey in life in 1951 but in 1998 I was awakened to find that there was more to life. I took a look at who I had been and knew that there had to be more. I began a journey into the written word of all Religions which led me to many authors and books that I devoured. I discovered that I was starving. I was silent. I was ready.

I began an eduction into the meaning of the word Spirituality. Raised a Catholic I knew of the fear of God, sin, and hell. My journey began to know what else was out there. IAM still a Catholic because as I was raised in that manner and went to Catholic school, I cherish the prayers of that time so long ago that I learned. My process of discovery into the Spiritual aspect of life led me to Affirmations. Affirmations are simply positive thoughts that I used to change my beliefs. I began using positive thoughts about myself, my life in general and my health on a daily basis. I would pick a positive thought and write it 21 times a day for 21 days. Then I would start all over again. The daily ritual of looking at my reflection in a mirror and saying, "I love you," transformed me into an empowered woman.

I enjoyed the benefits of knowing that I was connected to a universe I could not see but could hear. I traveled mostly through the art of writing and keeping a daily journal to hear the wisdom from within my soul. I learned what nourished me and what did not. My primary food was the written word that I devoured in many books from many varied authors. I traveled a journey that brought me not only to positive thoughts but the benefits of Aromatherapy; oils, candles, incense. I prayed, Meditated and walked on the beach as well as outside in my neighborhood. I was blessed to see the beauty that surrounded me daily by paying attention to Mother Nature in all forms. I closed my eyes to see, I embraced all that was on this journey with me with love. Slowly I relished in the simple act of chewing my food, taking a warm candle glowed bath with oils. I slowed down to get to know what was my truth, passion, purpose, and destiny. I journeyed this path to find out IAM here to share my life.

We are all born with a gift to share in this world. Ask yourself what were you passionate about as a child to discover your purpose. The work that I decided was necessary to change me from a  silent wife and mother to a woman with a passion and voice stemmed from my love for the written word as my foundation to obtain inner wisdom to share.


Once I learned how to read and write I knew I was passionate about the written word. My father would take me to the library where I could escape into the books and dream. Many times I was fearless in wanting to keep the books and my father would have to pay a late fee. While I was young I read to escape but then later in life I read to educate myself and find out what I believed in.

My love for the written word unlocked an inner drive that I could not ever control which was to write. I wrote letters, cards and kept a journal. To this day I have a need to be witness to my thoughts on paper in any form. I still love sending letters as well as cards that are "handwritten!"

To my surprise, I discovered that by keeping a journal I was able to handle difficult situations in life. Whether it be an illness, death, or angry confrontation that I was forced into when I wrote in my journal a sort of release would take place. I found my journal became my confidant and therapist through my teen years and into my marriage. Once I became a mother and now a grandmother I became grateful for these journals and the paths I traveled to get through life. Keeping a written history of my life is like looking at books of photographs into my growth and transformation to the woman I have become.

By being led to know that my passion and purpose is the written word I read hundreds of books while pouring out the voice of my soul to survive in a journal. It became a belief that I was creative and with this inner wisdom and need to be passionate about a purpose I collected many books to savor and cherish in life. In the end, I became a student of life as well as a teacher of life.

The beauty in books as an avid reader is that today I purchase them and never have to return them. I have found that books are a form of nourishment for my soul. I cannot live without books or journals. For me, I was capable of transforming my life into the truth of my spirituality because of the books I read and the journals I kept. There comes a time in life when we MUST look within for the answers. No one can guide us or help us if we do not know ourselves, who we are, what we need and what we desire to be creative. Keeping a journal by writing daily 2 to 3 pages in the morning allows us to discover our truth. IAM witness to this fact and support the very act of writing as a means of loving who you are, forgiving others and savoring the daily routines of life by taking pen to paper.

We are all born with an inner wisdom that we can ignite by finding our passion and purpose in life. Today there are many books available on the spirituality of belief and all that we can accomplish through the simple act of keeping a journal as a form of therapy.


Prayer is possible through many forms. My choice has been to recite the prayers of my Catholic upbringing most of my life. At a young age, I connected to God by writing as well. My father was an avid walker and loved the beauty of Mother Nature. He introduced me to connect on a level that has sustained me my entire life. I was blessed to connect to God through Mother Nature; long walks through the streets of New York, swimming in pools and beaches, climbing trees and letting the sun nurture me with the warmth of its rays. Even star gazing and cloud watching is an expression of a form of belief. Yes, there is a Divine Intelligence! There was a time I read and recited the prayers of other beliefs as well. Today I have chosen a collection from all over the world as a daily reminder that Love is my main religion by this inner knowing and connection. 

The power of a practice is uplifting as well as comforting. A practice means something you do daily, not do whenever you are stressed out. Sometimes we are not aware of that which we do daily, that in itself can be considered a prayer practice. The person who runs or walks daily connects to the beauty of Mother Nature through their first chakra as they become grounded every day. Those who swim daily connect their second chakra to go with the flow of life. For those who know their power and strength to be of service in life connect to their third chakra where they know their truth. When we love and our heart fills with sharing the love for all of life, inner peace comforts us. Speaking kind words, lovingly and being supported toward others connects one to their fifth chakra. To pray, go to a service, be in a community of others like yourself connects one to their sixth and seven chakras.

Whatever you consistently do with love is a form of prayer. The words that you think and speak are a form of prayer. Know that your chakras are the blueprint to your soul. When the chakras are balanced and centered one is connected to the light within. The light within is your God-self.

Whatever you choose as your form of prayer know that if you do it daily with love in your heart you are experiencing a prayer practice. Biking, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, riding a horse, tennis, golf, playing ball, any sport, exercising, journaling or reciting a prayer you have manifested a connection to your God-self.

Take a look at your daily choices and if in some way you are unhappy, fearful, guilty, filled with shame, grief or lies begin a prayer practice of your own. Daily and consistently you will transform your life by connecting to the light within.


I have been on a journey of discovery for most of my lifetime. I never understood why people were not kind, angry, fearful or unhappy. Some could have their health, money, cars, and beauty but felt they were lacking. They refused to believe in a world of abundance and complained about everything. Yet, they were not really lacking anything but belief in themselves.

What if, all they needed was a smile, a hug, or even just a kind word from another.

What if, they knew they were needed and accepted, just for being themselves.

What if, they were told how perfect they were as they were.

What if, love was the key missing to unlock belief in themselves.

When we believe in ourselves and love who we are, as we are joy and happiness will fill our hearts daily. There comes a moment in life when a look into what we believe personally about who we are must be embraced. We need not succumb to a societal view. We never have to believe as our parents do. It is natural to be a being of love. Fear and anger pull more energy from within creating a negative view.

To become positive in life one has to awaken to their truth. This truth is the passion and purpose of one's soul. Love is the reason we are born. Love is the main lesson in the school of life. What if love is all there is? What if to experience love all that is needed is forgiveness A belief that one would not take anything personal that another says. Can you imagine our world if we just accepted one another with our fears and pain that we cling to because we are asleep to the fact that we are a being of love? Another thought would be that I see you are fearful and I do not know of your path but IAM here for you. I will listen and not be critical nor will I judge you. Obviously, you are in my life so that I can love, support and encourage you.

As a society, we have been grouped together to feel emotionally abandonment, betrayal, shame, and guilt generationally.

What if, it's now time to release anything that does not serve us.

What if, we were gifted fear and now choose to love unconditionally all from this day forward.

What if, it is the truth that we are all spiritual beings choosing to have a human experience to learn the lesson of love.

Awaken to paying attention to your thoughts, words, and actions. Think before you speak and act whether you will be hurting another. Check to see if you are projecting your fear because you are being triggered by their fear. To love is to trust, believe and be grateful for all of life. Become an observer of life with a smile on your face. We truly do not know what is best for anyone. Open your heart today to the beauty of love emotionally.