In 2005, I opened my business Believable Alternatives to help people find that which creates freedom of thought...

My Holistic Health Counseling Program is a fully personalized, result-oriented blend of holistic techniques and approaches to address your health concerns at the root of their origin and give you the tools necessary for long-lasting results.

It connects you with your innate healing abilities, exercises, and re-develops your intuition to teach you how to make decisions that are true to your body-mind-soul.

Counseling will exam the emotional and mental issues about your energy centers and the effect they have on your health and illness. As well as, looking at various aspects of your life to give you the tools necessary to bring your whole being into balance through energy healing.

Primary foods are the tools in life that nourish our soul - such as, a simple walk outside, taking a bath, using essential oils to calm and heal oneself, lighting a candle or incense to clear your room or being of service to another!

Secondary foods are the foods we consume to nurture our bodies which need to be organic, unprocessed and contain no canola oil, palm oil, food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, GMO's or the term natural ingredients, as well as, any ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Metaphysical belief is that the mind controls our REALITY! If you think it is so, it is so. All of life reflects our level of consciousness. Self-responsibility is stressed because there is no one else to blame. God does not punish anyone. We as humans, are here as God, to create and share the love.

Energy Healing in the form of chelation charges and clears the Aura. Chelation means merely to clear the human energy field by removing auric debris! Hands-on-healing work usually decreases healing time by one-third to one-half the average time, decreases the number of medications needed and dramatically reduces the side effects of invasive modalities.

All healing requires a change of mind, emotion, and spirit as well as, physical change. Each person needs to re-evaluate her/his relationship to the issues involved in a personal healing process and set them into a new context.

Acceptance and healing lead to rebirth, time to meet yourself in a new way. It happens automatically because you have changed your stance in life, you have changed the context within which you experience in life. This is what is meant by true healing.


Prayer / Meditation / Journaling / Sacred Space / Ceremony / Sharing / Dream Journaling / Creativity /  Nourishment / Affirmations


Free One-on-One Session with Energy Healing (1st Session Only is FREE)


When we trust that there is a process to life, we trust God!

Journal this one question: "How do you want to live your life at this age and time on your path?"

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                                            BELIEVABLE ALTERNATIVES "find that which creates freedom of thought..."

My journey has been one of true discovery into an alternative belief that fills me daily.

A loving daughter, wife and mother today I am honored to be a grandmother.

​The past no longer sits deep within for I have learned to release and forgive that which no longer serves me.